VideoBlocks Reviews

You may have noticed that most of our content has been provided by VideoBlocks helps us bring you free clips on a regular basis. That being said, you may still have questions about who they are and what people say about them. Below we’ve pulled a handful of VideoBlocks reviews. Be sure to check them out today!

VideoBlocks Reviews:

VideoBlocks has been an asset to my company. As a filmmaker, 95% of my needs are met with VideoBlocks selection of video and audio. Between the stock media, production audio, templates, transitions, and searchable content; I am able to meet the expectations of my client’s stringent production demands.

David Haines, Rinky Dink Production, Ltd.

I really like the selection of high quality video backgrounds VideoBlocks offers. They always have what I’m looking for.

David, dw2 Video Productions

VideoBlocks is the place I go to when I just need to get the job done quick and professionally! The wealth of selection is a life-saver when you are in a deadline crunch to complete your media projects. The search is fast, and you normally can find what you need in seconds! Highly recommended!

Darick Yeo, Infinyte Media

I’m a filmmaker and filmmakers need choices and with thousands of clips at my finger tips I am able to make choices that are the perfect fit in my current production. From sound effects and foley sound to aerial views from around the world, I can complete the production in a cost sensitive manner and still have a big budget look.

David Brown, Hollywood Warrior Films

We’ve been using VideoBlocks for several years now. The website is solid, the ability to view a clip from the search page without downloading it saves time and allows us to sample clips quickly. We also like the subscription pricing model, instead of being charged per clip. If I had 10 seconds to fill, I could download ten clips and use a second of each. With a service like Getty where I’m getting slammed for the entire clip instead of just the second of it I use, only a client with deep pockets could afford to buy ten clips and only use a second of each.

David Felder, Ryan Video Productions Inc.

As a music producer I spent tons of money on video shoots, where I finally decided to start our own video production unit and VideoBlocks saves us thousands in traveling and time finding the footage we need to compete with the professionals and mainstream.

Delusion, Not Until Productions

VideoBlocks has great music to enhance our videos showing students and teachers learning about the traditions and lifestyles of their communities in rural Alaska.

Diane Frederick, Iditarod Area School District

VideoBlocks Reviews

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