Which File Format Should I Use?

On Motion Backgrounds for Free we give you three different file formats to choose from! This is designed to eliminate any need for additional conversion. Once you download our clips, it should be ready to drop into your video editing or presentation program!

The question is: which file format is right for you?

We’ve compiled some information about the three formats we offer to help you make the right choice!

.WMV (Windows Media Video)

.WMV files are most commonly used on Windows PCs. This file format is your best bet if you plan on using the clip in Windows Movie Maker or Powerpoint. You cannot use this file format in Apple applications without an extra plugin or converter.

.AVI (Audio Video Interleave)

.AVI is a file container that was created by Microsoft. It is very versatile, but does have its limitations. It does not support as many audio and video formats as QuickTime files do, and you could encounter problems if you try to change the frame rate. The great thing about this file format is that it can be played in practically any media player and is easy to transfer to DVDs.

.MOV (Quicktime Movie File) 

.MOV files are a QuickTime file format for video and audio. They are compatible with most professional and consumer video editing programs, but will not work in Microsoft based software like Windows Movie Maker and Powerpoint. They will, however, work in practically any of Apple’s applications, including Keynote.

Still Have Questions?

Are you still not sure which file format will work best with your software? Let us know! Use our contact page to send us a message. We’ll do our best to let you know which file format will be the best for you!

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